WINTER IS HERE: Surviving The Season With Healthy Hair

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The weather has turned! and the jackets are out, winter is coming! Never mind the increase in your heating bill or impending overhaul on your skin care regime – your strands take a beating during this season too. When the leaves have finished falling and the temperature drops, our strands often suffer. Not only is it colder and drier, you’re also dealing with static, frizz, and an overall lack of lustre.  But fear not! Lifeless locks won’t be adorning your head this season. Here’s how to prevent those winter woes:

Moisture Is a Must 

Just in case you haven’t heard this enough, we’ll say it again: MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE! The colder the weather and indoor heating can dry out your strands and even leave you with a dry, flaky scalp. To combat this, treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Reconstructing Masque will lock moisture back into your hair leaving it soft and shiny – just how it should be. 

Fight Frizz with Leave-in Conditioner 

Along with falling leaves and first snowfalls, there’s another telltale sign that winter has arrived – static-y clouds of strands that float upwards any time a hairbrush is near. This is often the result of dryness. While running a dryer sheet through your hair will fix the problem temporarily, try hydrating with a leave-in conditioner such as Super Comb Prep & Protect.

Dry Hair Thoroughly

We know getting out of the house on time in the morning can be a challenge in itself. But if you want to bypass breakage, take the time to completely dry your hair before stepping outside. Cold air will cause your damp hair shaft to expand, putting you at risk for breakage and colour fade. If your hair takes forever to dry, make Blow Dry Lotion your new best friend. It will cut your drying time 30-50%!

Kick Dryness To The Curb

Don’t settle for flat, lifeless hair. The secret weapon to fighting dullness and restoring life into your mane is all in the product. Volumizing Shampoo, Moisturising Conditioners and Anti-Frizz serums can make a world of a difference. Just stay away from products containing sulphates, sodium chloride, or parabens – those are not your friends.  


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Number 4 Hair Care

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