Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Sulphate Free Explained.

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Here at Number 4, we believe that doing the right thing never goes out of style. That’s why all of our products are Gluten, Paraben and Sulphate Free. What exactly are these chemicals, and what are the benefits of keeping them out of your hair care routine? So delighted you asked, dah-ling! Let’s break it down, shall we?

Gluten is a combination of proteins often found in wheat, rye, barley, and triticale. Gluten’s ability to hold and provide elasticity makes it a key ingredient used in hair products to strengthen and provide volume, similar to hairspray. But with wheat allergies at an all-time high, many people have experienced irritation from products that include Gluten. Fortunately, removing Gluten from everyday products IS possible, and nutrient-rich substitutes ensure that Gluten Free hair products work just as well as products that do contain Gluten. So yes, you’ll still be able to volumize to the skies with peace of mind that your products won’t be causing any unexpected irritation!

 are found in many everyday personal care products, including soaps, conditioners, moisturizers, shampoos and deodorants, and are intended to extend the shelf life of the product. Chemically speaking, Paraben is an ester, a compound molecule formed from a combination of acid and alcohol, and since it, mimic’s estrogen in the body, which has been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues, is considered harmful. Some also believe that inhalation of these ingredients is harmful because if Parabens are stored in the body, there is a chance they could post a health risk over time. While many of these theories have not been confirmed, we continue to avoid Parabens and use natural preservatives instead. So if you’re on the hunt for a conditioner that will ensure a healthy shine, while keeping your scalp irritation-free, give our Hydrating Conditioner a try and let us know if you see a difference! Because if there’s a natural alternative to avoiding synthetic preservatives, why not?

Sulphates are cleansers that cut through oil and dirt. Because they have the ability to attract water and oil, they can efficiently lift dirt and oil from the body and rinse it down the drain when mixed with water. But, products that contain Sulphates are often TOO good at their job. They can wash away the beneficial layer our scalp creates and NEEDS, which leads to loss of moisture. A little restraint is a good thing, dah-ling! Sulphates can be especially damaging for curly hair types, as it takes longer for natural oils to reach the tips of curly strands. If your hair is already fragile and damaged, or you just want to prevent going there, treat yourself to a gentle, Sulphate Free shampoo like N4’s Clarifying Shampoo. Moisture is your hair’s BFF, so don’t try to break them up!


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