Healthy Hair Starts with Your Scalp

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You may be spending hours treating your mane to conditioning treatments, heat protectants, and luxurious shampoos in the pursuit of healthy hair. And while that’s all well and good, if you truly want to reap the fruits of your hair labor, there’s one crucial step you can’t ignore – it starts with your scalp! Sure, scalp health doesn’t sound super sexy…but voluminous, vibrant, strong hair sure does and that’s what you can look forward to when you give your scalp the tender love and care it deserves!


Why It Matters
Wake-up call….. Your hair is dead, but your scalp, on the other hand, is very much alive and probably in need of some attention. Scalp health is vital to hair growth. It supplies the network of blood vessels that nourishes the base of the hair bulb, allowing it to grow with proper exposure to nutrition, oxygenation, and removal of toxic byproducts. When the scalp isn’t being given the attention it needs, your strands are directly affected and the results aren’t always so pretty

What You Can Do
Use a clarifying shampoo.
 Clarifying Shampoo is a scalp’s best friend. It works to eliminate gunk and oils that have built up on your roots, relieving the scalp of excess dirt and residue.

Massage. Next time you wash your hair, work in a scalp massage. A few minutes will stimulate your scalp and help with circulation, which is important for hair growth and volume. You don’t need to spend money on a fancy head massager either – the balls of your fingers will do just fine!

Go high performance. Having the right products in your hair arsenal is essential to combating buildup. Stay away from products containing parabens and sulfates and instead reach for products that take a more organic approach to hair care – these products moisturize without all the added and unnecessary bad stuff. All Number 4 products are gluten-free, sulfate and sodium chloride-free, paraben-free, and vegan.

Don’t ignore your part. If you’re going to be spending time under the sun, don’t forget about your scalp. After applying sunscreen to your face, saturate a Q-tip with sunscreen and apply it to your part line to avoid unnecessary sunburn.

Drink more water. We hate to state the obvious, but you can never drink too much water. Water hydrates the body and helps to regulate the circulatory system, which feeds the hair follicle. If your hair roots aren’t hydrated, your tresses will become dry and brittle, which can inhibit growth. So drink up!

When it comes to healthy hair, you’ve got to start at the root of the problem. 


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