What’s The Deal With Thermal Styling Spray?

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If you’re anything like us, you don’t exactly roll out of bed with picture perfect hair (and if you do, we’re officially jealous). So to put your best follicle forward, you brush, blow, spray, and straighten until your stands sit just how you want them. And sure the results are beautiful, but it’s hard to shake that guilty feeling that passes over you as you try to ignore the sizzling sound your strands make as clamp down on your flat iron. With temperatures reaching upwards of 400 degrees, skimping on product is the last thing you want to do when it comes to heat styling. Here’s how to style without the regret.



Hot tools reduce the moisture content in your hair – moisture that is essential to healthy hair. Excess heat breaks down the cuticle layer, resulting in a frizzy, dull, and faded mess. No thank you. A thermal spray or heat protectant helps to reduce that moisture loss while forming a protective barrier around each strand to lock in hydration.


Thermal Spray should be used every time you reach for a hot tool. Our Thermal Styling Spray can be used on wet or dry hair – just mist on section by section before bringing the heat. Not only does it offer heat protection, it also provides lightweight hold for long-lasting results without stiffness or flaking. Pro Tip: It makes a great style refresher when sprayed in second (or third, or fourth…) day hair.


Where do we even begin? In addition to protecting against high temperature and restoring moisture, thermal sprays offer a number of other benefits. It helps protect against split ends and breakage. By smoothing the hair cuticles, your strands are less porous and therefore less prone to frizz. It can help boost shine and lustre. And it makes your hair more manageable, which means less time spent detangling.

Oh, and you know how sunscreen acts like a barrier between the sun and your skin? Thermal sprays do the same thing for your hair. They form a protective barrier over your hair’s cuticle, protecting it from the heat of your hair tools. And just like sunscreen, it also wards off damage caused by UV rays, which can help fight against fade, so your hair colour stays fresher longer.

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