The Importance of Moisturising

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When it comes to body lotions, we felt the current product landscape left much to be desired. So we decided to take matters into our own (soon to be silky-smooth) hands. Enter Number 4’s Body Lotions – our sophisticated emulsifier-free formula avoids depriving the skin of natural essential nutrients that make it unique and the non-oily properties guarantee that all rocks don’t migrate from your finger. Our bottles feature a pre-measured pump that allows you to determine the appropriate dosage for your skin, it’s easy to apply, and smells heavenly, with fresh fragrances from our Lumiere d’hiverLeau de Mare and Fleurs de Temps Collections. 

Touchably soft, smooth skin is always in, no matter what the season. Achieving ultra-hydrated skin isn’t complicated. All it takes is the right lotion, a dedicated approach to application, and patience… oh, so much patience. Seriously, if you’re a faithful daily lotion applier, we want to know your secret. Don’t get us wrong, we’re the first to make a few sacrifices in the name of beauty…but after getting out of the shower, the last thing we want to do is slather lotion all over our bodies, only to be left with that greasy feeling. You know the feeling – the one where you find yourself running to the sink post-application to wash your hands, after which you find yourself sitting around aimlessly while you wait for the product to sink in. Ick! Not to mention, it’s nearly impossible to open anything with post-lotion hands. Oh and that text you just received? You can forget responding anytime soon.

It’s not just about beauty! Sure, dry skin looks less than flattering, but more importantly than that, dry skin doesn’t function as it’s supposed to because the barrier function is compromised, leaving the skin sensitive and unbalanced. This often results in irritated, itchy skin. 

If you really want to penetrate the skin, the best time to moisturise is right after you step foot out of the shower. After showering, you have a higher concentration of moisture compared to the air (especially in the drier months when the heater is running constantly), so water evaporates off your skin quicker, leaving it dry. However, body lotion helps to trap some of that water under your skin, leaving it hydrated.

Moisturising isn’t the only thing you should be doing in your quest for smooth, radiant skin. You should also be drinking plenty of water – it’s perhaps the most essential ingredient for healthy, beautiful skin (and hair!). And for the love of macaroons, turn your shower temperature down! Yes, we know that’s asking a lot… but hot water removes the surface lipids from your skin, allowing moisture to escape and makes you more prone to suffer from dryness. Pro Tip: Mix our body lotions with a few drops of our Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil for a wonderfully luxurious massage lotion.

The key to making a daily routine out of moisturising is to invest in a lotion that you love – one that won’t leave you questioning which is the lesser of two evils – dry skin or those dreaded twenty minutes of sitting in thick, goopy residue. You deserve better, darling! A few pumps of your fave N4 body lotion is all it takes; you’ll be back to scrolling Instagram before you can even say #skingoals! 



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