Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

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There’s nothing like fringe to give you that new hair feeling you’re craving. It’s totally chic, revamps your whole look, and only takes a few snips. But before you face the shears, it’s worth brushing up on your bang beauty knowledge. Some styles look better than others on certain face shapes, and you deserve to look your best! We’ve created a guide for the most flattering fringe for every face shape…so let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Long, wispy side-swept bangs are the best way to break the roundness because the angle creates more length to elongate the face. We’d advise staying away from super short bangs, which will only emphasize roundness, rather than soften the face. Styling Tip: Use a small to medium round brush to get that swept across the forehead look. Finish with spritz of Mighty Hair Spray to hold in place. 

The square face can be a tricky one for bangs – but not impossible. You’ll want to avoid centre parted and super blunt bangs cut straight across. Such cuts will only emphasize the angles of your jawline, which is the opposite of what you want to do. You want to soften and bring focus to your eyes. Tousled, choppy bangs across are a good choice (think Alexa Chung), as there is no definitive part, but they don’t hang straight down either. The movement and softness diverts attention away from your angled jaw. Styling Tip: Apply a small amount of Texture Styling Crème to the fringe area after blow-drying for a perfectly piece-y and frizz-free look.

A heart-shaped face can be somewhat top heavy, so you want fringe that can bring some balance. Layered, feathered bangs where the shortest pieces hit the arch of your brows and the longest meet the outer corner of your eyes (think Brigitte Bardot) will draw the attention down and towards your eyes, making your face seem more oval. Styling Tip: The trick to this style is to make sure the outer edges kick away from your face and flow into the rest of your hair. You can use a round brush and blow dryer to do this or even a flat iron to bevel those ends. Finish with Sugar Texturizing Spray to give your bands that effortless, lived-in texture.

Oval faces have it lucky in that nearly every type of fringe is flattering on this shape. Just be sure to select a bang that complements the rest of your haircut. Airy, straight ones will accentuate the prettiest parts of your face without feeling too bulky. If you ask for bangs that hit between the brow and eyelash and are slightly longer on the edges, you can wear them in a multitude of ways from swept aside or straight with a middle part. Styling Tip: Want your fringe to lay flat? Use a comb during blowout instead of a brush.

NOTE: Besides face shape, you always want to take your natural hair type into consideration when choosing bangs. Naturally, curly hair tends to require more work if you want your bangs to lie smooth. Cowlicks will often force bangs to separate in ways you may or may not like. HAPPY STYLING DAH-LINGS !


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